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There are so many things that We The People need to protest. It is clear that changes will not be made until we take a stand. We need protests like that of Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60’s. Like the issues of those days, changes were not made until

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Comment by Allan Hampton
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When you use the word "We", as in should, meaning your audience or the U.S. Citizenry please tell the truth.

We standing up and or protesting carry no force against government. All government is required to do with or about our protest is listen to it.

If you really want a change of direction of government then tell your audience about the only "force", constitutional force, they have to accomplish a change. I'll wager you don't know what that "constitutional force" is?


Comment by Ed Price
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Just curious - at the expense of sounding naive - what is the purpose of protesting?
To inform other citizens?
To scare government officials until they arrest you?
To lobby, sort of?

Do protesters, in addition to protesting, give us the direct LEGAL method of making government changes?

Ernie is right, I think, when he says that many of us should be running for government office - especially if we are going to vote.

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