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Comment by PureTrust
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Governmant does NOT harm anyone. Only people harm people (and a little harm is done by nature, as in old age).

Government is the excuse Government people use to harm other people when instructed to do so by other people in Government.

Sometimes Government people even harm other Government people.

Used to be that everybody was in government (of the people, by the people, for the people), and hardly anybody harmed anybody else.

See it for what it is. Government NEVER harms people. Only people harm people.

Which government are you in:
A. the Government of people harming people?
B. the Government of the people, by the people, for the people, that harms none and protects all?
C. the non-government Government that sits around and gets harmed?

Comment by CharS
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But what can the people do when Congress does what it damn well pleases, over the protests (very voluble protests) of the people - as when we tried to stop the Bailout, or Stimulus; that was several Bailouts ago.
One could almost assume Congress felt immune to the fury of the people at the ballot box; as though they **could not** be harmed or touched or removed. hmmmm.

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