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Comment by Joseph Klein
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Give Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., credit! He is just attempting to prevent future frauds - not deal with the current one possibly being perpetuated by Obama!

And, Hey! The Horse has not fled! He is sitting in our White House drawing our pay for a job he may be Constitutionally unqualified for and ineligible to hold!

If Obama is qualified, let him show the proof! Then the issue goes away, and our military can have confidence his orders are legitimate. If he refuses to show the proof, and/or our governmental institutions refuse to require him to do so, then we have an unprecedented problem - we no longer have a government of laws operating under a valid Constitution, and we are back to Revolutionary times.

Please consider this: the traditional remedy for a civilian government refusing to operate under a nation's constitution is for its military to seize control. Yes, we have a tradition of civilian control over our military, but that is when the military believes that its orders are from a legitimate source. That very question is being at this moment posed to our Supreme Court by military officers up to the rank of major general - and the SCOTUS, so far, has refused to consider it. Do y'all want to go there with the military - or with We the People?

As y'all know, ammunition is almost impossible to buy today. We the People know that our civil order may soon end, and we plan to be prepared. We've recently observed post-Katrina governmental response, and the lessons of the Watts and Rodney King Riots are still in memory. These incidents were localized problems. Now. think nation-wide....

Public and political pressure to require clear disclosure are our best tactics to keep the kettle from boiling over by having Obama "come clean". This is not a racist or partisan issue. The election proved We the People are not racist (but our voting was based on Obama's campaign's declaration of his eligibility - so that wasn't a voting issue). The first major legal challenge was from a Democrat, Mr. Philip Berg - so much for "partisan"! It is a clear Constitutional issue, and there are a lot of people in this nation who have previously sworn oaths to defend and protect our Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. We did not swear as Democrats or Republicans, or as members of any particular race - but as American citizens! We also did not put an expiration date on our oaths, and expect those who have sworn similar oaths to obtain their current jobs as our employees to also honor their oaths - or be held to account by court (or tribunal).

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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