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Comment by RickStone
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Good for you Sheldon or should I say teflon Sheldon.

Comment by Checkpoint USA
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Thanks for the coverage and update Powell. This is the first account I've heard regarding how the Arizona courts are interpreting (or twisting) ARS-2412A.

Something folks definitely need to be aware of...

Comment by Jim Kaiser
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Hey - sorry I couldn't make it to the trial.

I found out about it just a couple hours before it started and had something going that I couldn't get out of.

A bittersweet deal - nice that it ended the way it did, but it sucks that this kind of garbage had to go as far as it did.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of this case.


Comment by namaste33
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Wow-This article should be in every grade school,every high school,every law school and office,etc...Funny how now we are those poor slobs in E. Germany and Russia we used to snicher about back in school in the 60's and 70's eh folks? Show me your papers please!!! Actung!!
We are now the monster eh Pogo?

Comment by joe usanow
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(6 months ago) i'm 61 and 6weeks after a stroke/caroted artory surgry i'm driving home to colorado from ohio when i was pulled over in a blizzard/ice storm on I70 in missouri and abused by three sherrifs. i was tricked into unlocking my door and was arm held escorted outside to unlock the tool shell/camper on my pick up. iwas made to stand outside in the blowing wind for near 1/2 hour while these three searhed my vehicle because?  i've recovered enough now to want justice for this eldely abuse, any thoughts/help would be apprecated

Comment by mike robins
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The first officer's testimony...who caught the slip?

Comment by PureTrust
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A couple of the slips were...

The State is the one that is the plaintiff. And the State can't get on the stand as required by law and speak into the record. So, the State should not be the plaintiff if it wants a good solid case.

The second slip was that Shelton didn't demand that the plaintiff get on the stand and speak into the record. However, any time in the future, Shelton can declare a void judgment and require the plaintiff to appear.

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