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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Thomas Knapp started **QQ**Rational Review**QQ** many years ago. It made a lot of us in the freedom movement go **QQ**WOW!!!!**QQ**

He had to change the format because it was eating too much of his time. In the beginning he would link the online newspaper**Q**s (mainstream newspaper) headline, but completely rewrite an introductory section underneath. This meant he had to read the article ... and a lot he did not post, and then creatively come up with his own spin ... often the exact opposite of what the article**Q**s author intended. He was so on the mark on what the correct interpretation of some **QQ**news**QQ** item was it was an example of what news blogging would eventually become. It was hilarious, informative and oh so good.

**QQ**Rational Review**QQ** is still great, but other contributors have helped lighten the load. But many years later Thomas Knapp continues to roll out a excellent daily news link and opinion online newsletter. More than anyone I can appreciate how much effort he must put in daily to bring attention to the stories that ought be told.

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