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Comment by Powell Gammill
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.... the [Libertarian] Party needs to be fought tooth and nail as an enemy of libertarianism.

Yup, pretty much. Great to see this getting as much writing from Smith, Knapp and Long. Ernie should be posting a video of his speech in Tennessee soon. That should nut 'em up. It should be noted this is the National LP and certainly some, but not all state parties. Sadly Rothbard was right. But don't despair. Whether the NLP actively and proudly supports freedom from government is irrelevant to whether your actions support freedom from government.

L. Neil Smith warned that our friends can do us more damage than our enemies. Sadly I now understand what he was warning us about.

Comment by James Higginbotham
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Libertarian, Democrook, Rino, hell it does not matter, when do people QUIT being either of these or any other party and START BEING AMERICANS.
and the damn Border should have been LOCKED DOWN RIGHT AFTER 9/11..

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