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Comment by Jet Lacey
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Nice article.

With history as an omnipresent reminder, Bob Schulz and those dedicated to We the People Foundation should realize that societies can never go backward. It is simply not possible. As with many facets of societal life, we can either learn from our collective failures (and successes for that matter) or we are sure to repeat the myriad mistakes of the past.

In my overly simplified opinion, the general tenets one must give serious consideration to before undertaking an effort to change society as a whole is understanding the rudiments of human nature as well as the foundation of Piaget's stages and their relationship to group dynamics.

It seems, by your reporting, that they are overlooking these. I do however, appreciate Bob Schulz and his efforts for liberty.

Comment by David McElroy
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Quite, right, Jet Lacey! While we certainly need to "turn the tide" of the tyranny that has proceeded from the "living" Constitution agenda, merely hitting the "reset button" to restore the original documet's authority will not be enough. We must learn and APPLY the lessons learned from over 200 years of American history. We must return to the PRINCIPLES of the Declaration of Independence. We must not only vanquish the statist beasts, we must make certain they never rise again. We must recall the SPIRIT of '76!!!

Comment by Found Zero
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Well there you go. I think we'd be scared stiff to call a real Con Conv. because we know the revisionists are way stronger than we are politically.

Ironic how everyone who might remember "the way it used to be" will thing you that things never were "they way it used to be".

Comment by Mad Joker
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I had great hopes something provocative was going to come out of this, but after reading this article.... I have my doubts

Comment by Drew
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if its not on Youtube it did not happen!

Vote For the Collective its so much fun!

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