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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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What else could one expect from a state that continues to hire "John McCain"?

Let`s not forget "Napalitano" she`s a real jewell.

It only more Anti American crap from Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Are the people of your state even in the righ mine?What the hell are you putting in their water?

Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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When you start off saying this is "Anti-Immigrant" just blow all your credibility.

We need some tuff laws to completly rid our country of all Illegal aliens (not Immigrants).

I guess you don't mind paying for the welfare and crime these criminals commit...?

Russell Pearce is a man that has the balls to stand up against the illegals and those that sympathize with them (both the Rs and Ds). He wouldn't have to do this if the Feds would do their job. Maybe you would like AZ to become a sanctuary, banckrupt state like CA. The illegals criminals need to be stoped now.

Clearly you have no problem with the illegal lawbreakers, as you lump them in with lawabiding American immigrants that  obeyed the law and contribute to this great land.

Russell Pearce, like many of us, can see a problem with national security as well as the security of our loved ones lives, with an open border. Yep...We are trying to stop the epidemic of crime, welfare etc. that goes along with an unchecked, illegal invation....

...And you sir, like LaRaza, are driving the monkey to the airport!

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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The Facsism that we are experiencing and will expand, will be due to enough people begging for it out of fear.

Most of the young are just not afraid (nor am I) of individuals coming here to work. We fear the increasing power of government (in the name of ___Fill in the Blank___) more than individuals.

Only the government complains about more customers (but then uses the problem to get more power to...) And government has a net negative effect on the problem anyway.

You are being manipulated out of your freedoms in the name of problem that is symptom of something far more damaging,... the Welfare/Warfare state.

I have just as much of a problem with Americans stealing my money in the form of government redistribution of my wealth as I do someone from across a government unenforced line.

If you don't focus on the root problem (coercive government) then you are just a puppet with your strings in the hands of those that can make you sing whatever song they desire.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hey, this is a classic debate here. A really orthodox libertarian will argue that there should be no borders, that they don't in fact exist.

Meanwhile, a mega portion of the movement wants border enforcement ala yesterday.

To honestly balance the arguments, wouldn't we mostly have to say if you see your neighbor doing something incredibly stupid and detrimental, like filling up his swimming pool with gasoline and lighting it one fire, depending on the proximity to kids, cats, dogs, businesses, passing traffic, would a reasonable person assume something beyond respect for their private property rights?

Well, the definition of gasoline and kids and dogs and cats in this case is nearly subjective. To the racher who has a water-sharing agreement with a Mexican rancher, the borders are intrusive. To the bleeding heart who sees the illegals as persons needing a drink of water, well, I think the law is still on the books in Yavapai County. It's illegal to refuse a person a drink of water if you have plenty of water and this law makes no distinction as to the legal status of the thirsty person.

A cold-hearted nation we have become in terms of foreign policy, but I hope never to see the day where it's a crime to give somebody a drink of water. Anybody atall. If I myself found Osama Bin Laden in the desert I'd give him a drink of water while I swift delivered him to what we have for justice. The chances of me finding Osama Bin Laden in the Arizona desert are pretty slim but you know how it goes. Always good to keep an eye out.

But anyways what we got here is mostly a problem with the way the law is implimented, so as to further threaten our rights. Just as we generally want more security.

Well, security always comes at the cost of liberty. So which do you want, movement? Can you figure it out?

Unless I mistake things, Brock is leaning towards the "there is no such thing as a border" end of the spectrum but I could be reading into him too deep.

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Lorber once again illustrates a man who can write, but cannot think. He is a man with a keyboard, but cannot compose a rational sentence.  He may be able to show bias, but he cannot conger a rational understanding of AZ's great crisis. It's called overshoot, exceeding carrying capacity, overpopulation, climate change, water shortages, etc. But Lorber, like many other emotional writers, would argue for his own suicide or that of his country's.  The citizens of AZ can thank Kathy McKee, Russell Pearce, Rusty Childress, Buck Young and other American patriots for any semblence of order still left in AZ.  Otherwise, you would mirrow CA and that is a nightmare.  Frosty wooldridge

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