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Comment by Lola Flores
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Bravo!  Brilliantly said! 

Comment by Ed Price
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Lot's of governmental areas. 

Child Protective Services taking a child from its parents because the parent spanked the child. The child thought it knew terror from the spanking. Now it really has terror. "For the children."

Generalized verbalized "hate crimes" hurt nobody. Government's true hate of people is what actively damages people for using non-violent freedom of speach, that government terms "hate crimes." Which terrorist did the hate crime damage here? The one using freedom of speach? Or Government arresting and prosecuting him?

REMEMBER, Government by itself harms nobody, does nothing. Everything Government does is really done by people.

Comment by Sherwin Levy
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Just because your article about terrorism is most excellent, I suggest changing the sentence "And, by definition, any rebelling force that does so, ..." to

"And, by definition, any group which rebells, since their actions are, by definition, illegal, would fit into..."

Comment by Peter Rosenholm
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   Larken I was hospitalized by MEDUSA with it's attack mode sound but in microwave of course so only I could hear it. I went to the hospital because I was shaking and pissing brown by the morning when a vehicle pulled away from the side of my home.The side without windows.

   I was then involuntarily committed tortured with the guy in the next bed in the room tortured as well. On mca..... and mindcontrolr..... groups on yahoo I put a scanned document to show that I had been hospitalized by police and my home was searched for bomb making materials. I got this from the mental health clinic's records.

    They also had me drugged unconscious for a day and altered the dates to hide this. I have documented proof of this as well. God know what they did with me for over a day unconscious.

    They played kill the terrorist with me and I have the documents and have seen them hurt others to get at me. I know very well what they do in the name of fighting terrorism, and they have done far more over the years.


                                                                                    Peter Rosenholm

Comment by Peter Tor-kilsen
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