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There is never a good time to raise the minimum wage. Just ask the people working in low-skilled jobs that are laid off as a result.

Now is a particularly bad time. Yet the federal minimum wage is scheduled to rise to $7.25 on July 24, the third step of a $2.10 increase enacted in 2007. In more than half the states, the minimum wage already exceeds the current national minimum of $6.55 an hour.


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Comment by William Klepzig
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 I have to disagree.  For decades as wage earners above the minimum were given small but yearly increases (not real to match the cost of living but the voodoo bean counters idea of an increase) federal minimum wages stayed the same so in fact fell.

In an economy that is not shipping jobs to other countries, that produces the finest of every item produced, that ties the wages to fuel, medical, housing, education and power, no one would be complaining about a rise in the lowest wages in the country.  However in a country that does not and has not done the above for forty years then the republicans will complain.

The problem is not the lowest wage earners  in this country, the problem is the two political parties that have sold out America.

My solution is to make a change in direction in America.  Declare that the US government is going to implement a program to rebuild America and business in America.  That the US government will have grants equal to what was spent in Europe and Japan after WW2, in Iraq, In Afghanistan, China and India.   A program that will rebuild hospitals, build new power plants, build factories to produce anything that was sent over seas, to build a space ship to travel this system and rebuild the needed mines and plants to produce the wealth in the American lands.  I suggest we can cut our fuel use by one third simply by demanding four people in a car during commuter hours , real public transportation and cars that get 50 mpg. 

I suggest that the American government put Americans to work, making great wages so they can afford health care and retirement and stop giving billions to bank investors that have financed the two parties and make a real effort to do right for America instead of trying to make America so weak that we accept either a world controlled economy or become nothing more then a box belonging to a huge mega company.

MiddleAmerican2010, the people that are paying the taxes, buying homes and will have to pay for the bill when it comes due. Are you one?

Comment by Lola Flores
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$7.25 an hour?  Wow!  They're in the money now, aren't they?

Comment by Charzhome S.
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"There is never a good time to raise the minimum wage. Just ask the people working in low-skilled jobs that are laid off as a result."

I agree completely.  Basic economics.




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