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O'Reilly recently invited a couple of pert blond Republican strategists to frighten Fox viewers about Amsterdam's lax pot laws, which have made the city a "mess," and "cesspool of corruption."  The video above was made by a citizen of Amsterdam who used real statistics about drug use in his city compared with drug use in the US.


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Comment by Lucky Red
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 Ha ha!  Only in this context will you ever see the words "O'Reilly," "Factor" and "Reality" together in the same line.

Comment by TheRockster
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Isn't it sad and nauseating that the US Government and its whores, like O'Reilly, still spew the same old tired lies year after year?

Isn't it sad and nauseating that so many Americans swallow these lies year after year?

Comment by PureTrust
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It's not the lax pot laws that have made Amsterdam a cesspool of corruption. It's the lax enforcement of laws that are supposed to protect people from property damage and personal harm. 

If the eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life, damage for damage laws were strictly enforced, pot users would either control their substance use, or they would be out of business, permanently. 

The problem isn't the lax pot laws. It's the lax government enforcement with regard to damage and loss of life laws. In other words, it is government promoting the cesspool. 

This idea holds true for the vast majority of laws in the States, as well. If we would get rid of all the driving laws, and instead, enforce damage for damage and loss of life through negligence with execution, overnight there would be a much healthier nation in America. The negligent would become very careful, and the crooks would be in a repayment program... if not executed. Government would be reduced because we would not need like 90% of the whole legal system, and people would be happier because they could keep more of their money, money that now goes for court costs and fines when there has been no damage.  

So you see that it is Government damaging the people by stealing from them while they know that all they have to do is enforce the basic laws and get rid of the rest. 


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