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To meet its borrowing needs, the U.S. Treasury Wednesday announced its largest quarterly debt-sales program as well as plans to gradually boost sales of inflation-protected bonds in fiscal year 2010. The refunding will comprise: - $37.0 billion of three-year notes maturing Aug. 15, 2012, to be sold Tuesday, Aug. 11. - $23.0 billion of 10-year notes maturing Aug. 15, 2019, to be sold Wednesday, Aug. 12. - $15.0 billion of 30-year bonds maturing Aug. 15, 2039, to be sold Thursday, Aug. 13. With the government’s financing needs rising amid a weak economy, Treasury plans to sell a record $75.0 billion of securities in its quarterly refunding next week to refund about $60.9 billion in maturing issues and raise about $14.0 billion of the federal debt.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 And who, preytell, is the Federal Reserve selling its junk to?  Itself or the federal government? 

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