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No documented record of whereabouts,activity leading up to baby's birth in '61 Much was happening in the first six months of 1961. But an extensive WND investigation into events leading up to the birth of Barack Obama, who would become America's first black president 47 years later, leaves many unanswered questions about the whereabouts and activities of the woman he claims as his mother. The timeline for Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, reveals an approximately six-and-a-half month interval in which there is no documentation for her whereabouts, from Jan. 31, 1961, when she concluded the fall term at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, until Aug. 19, 1961, when the University of Washington at Seattle documents she was enrolled for extension courses.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Maybe she was out making those nudie pictures with her boyfriend during that time.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Wow!  Y'all are pretty slick, ain't ya?  Nobody can't get one past you -- so, you found out that, 6 months before Obama was born, his momma was abducted by little green men from outer space, taken to their spaceship and experimented with at length.  6 months later, voila!  along comes Baby Obama.  One of these days, y'all gonna have to tell me how you do it, how can y'all be so clever?  Wow!

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Red you must be having a bad day and taking too much meth. It is hard for me to decide which is better, to ignore an angry lib with a chip on your shoulder that has nothing constructive to say or tell you that you need to go play somewhere else because you are a pain in the a**. Could anyone else out there help me make a decision, suggestions would be appreciated

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