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Taxes are going to go way up if the Congress passes the ObamaCare health care scheme proposed in H.R. 3200, entitled the Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. Just as rationing is woven into the very fabric of the bill, so are tax increases, which appear in many forms all the way through it, and are levied against every productive segment of society. To cite just one subtle, but very costly example: If you have employer-based health insurance, your income taxes are going to go up in an unexpected way. Your health insurance is no longer going to be a tax deductble expense, since the health plan will now be run by the government and not your employer. You will now pay taxes on the higher gross amount. President Obama, who said taxes will not rise for those with incomes under $250,000, expects you and your fellow citizens will contribute a quarter of a trillion dollars more over ten years under just this provision of the bill. A Trillion Dollars to Reduce Uninsured by 6%.

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