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Yid With Lid

General Electric has been investing in President Obama and his democratic party since the beginning of the primary season over two years ago. They even pushed their TV networks to be in the tank for the POTUS and the SCHMOTUS (Biden) and their policies. That "tinkle down my leg" news coverage has paid off big for NBC News' parent company. By taking advantage of its ownership of two tiny banks in Utah, GE has been able to issue $80 Billion dollars worth of federally backed loans about one out of every four dollars available in the program. And true to being a friend of the President, General Electric didn't have to go through any of the burdens other participants had to go through like the financial stress test. Nor did they have to worry about any those pesky salary/compensation limits so Jeffrey Immelt and the senior management didn't have to worry about the $14-18,000,000 in compensation they make. But all that is Small potatoes, GE is uniquely positi

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