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Obama and his minions would love for us to believe that 'recovery is just around the corner,' and 'we are on the brink of a rebound,' and other such nonsense. Indeed, the stock market seems to back them up. However, the stock market was up significantly in the months leading up to the big crash of 1929. This is no indication that a train-wreck isn't about to occur. Troubling storm clouds are gathering in several sectors of the economy. First, the ever-growing load of debt the country is carrying will prevent any significant recovery. The debt is simply too high, too staggering, too mind-boggling. In other words we are headed for a financial meltdown of historic proportions while the country is being governed by inept, sophomoric lamebrains who have their heads stuck so far into the sand they can practically see China. We still have time to thwart the crisis provided action is taken immediately. Here is a final warning from GATA: Yet the Last Contango

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Obama, Obama, Obama...

Were y'all nuts as zealous and vigilant of the Bush administration as you are of Obama's, I wonder...


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