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Also has a video at site. Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt spoke with FOX Business Network’s Alexis Glick and said that “we won’t prevent the next Bernie Madoff” and that “training has not been a high priority at the SEC.” Here are some excerpts from the interview: Courtesy of Fox Business News On preventing future ponzi schemes: “If you regard a World Com, and Enron, a Madoff, a Tino De Angelis, a Salad Oil scandal as a failure, then I don’t agree with you, because there isn’t a regulatory agency or a U.S. Attorney’s office that finds these scams before they happen. They never find them before they happen or we wouldn’t have them.” “We won’t prevent the next Bernie Madoff. What we can do is learn from Bernie Madoff and take steps to see to it that that kind of scandal doesn’t occur again, but there’ll be a new scandal and a new development.” On why the SEC failed to protect investors from Madoff:

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