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Once again, major violence between Raza and African prisoners has erupted within the United States Concentration Camp (Prison) System, this time at Chino California State Prison. Beginning at 8:20 on Saturday evening, Aug. 8, African and Raza (Latino) prisoners, in the most brutal fashion, slashing, cutting, hitting each other with anything that could get their hands on, battled for more than 11 hours. Over 200 were hurt, several critically, with severe head injuries or stab wounds. Blood was spilled everywhere. Many of those involved will be scarred and maimed for life, both physically and mentally.

Reported By Justin Tyme

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
Entered on:

“Violence between Raza and African prisoners”???


Raza= Race (as in La Raza, ‘the race’)


“African Prisoners....not African American or black?


This article was written by a "Racist" organization.(the Chicano Mexicano Prison Project) as is shown by the racially biased headline


What do they want us to do, leave these violent thugs on the street to prey on the innocent? Somehow I just can't shed a tear for these people (criminals) that choose to be violent toward each other because THEY are of a different race....more than likely these same criminals were already in gangs with 'membership based on race' (their choice) and they were beating the hell out of each other before they were incarcerated.


But somehow I am supposed to feel guilty because I am white, that it is ALL my fault?


No white guilt here!!!


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