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Comment by TL Winslow
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I don't know what globalism means in the fact of the little ole stumbling blocks out there like Islam, Russia, India and Pakistan, Indochina, and the Commie Chinese, but when it comes to North America, what's wrong with the big three countries in the New World finding ways to work together better? It's a plot by bankers? I would hope so. If they could figure out how everybody could make more money, they could sell more credit card deals.

The right-wingers who shout Boo at the NAU are really mainly white supremacists who really want to deflect attention from the real issue, namely, Mexican bean, er, brown people. They know that the U.S. has until recently been run by white supremacists, and can't stand that white supremacy is kaput, but want to keep it going by any subterfuge available, hence the Big Bad EN AY YOU is on the table. Sorry, I don't buy it. It's time for the U.S. to finally accept the existence of them pesky Mexicans and learn to share the New World with them in peace, avoiding all the mistakes history teaches us happen when hate and xenophobia are fanned instead of calm cool reason taking over.

Now is the time to get the issue over with, by Congress inviting the Mexican people to finally unite with the U.S. as 10+ new states sans racism under the U.S. Constitution, after the real problem, the ever-corrupt Mexican govt. is dissolved by mutual consent. Talking about bankers, guess who allows Mexican fatcats to launder their ill-gotten gains through U.S. banks?

Click to read my exciting Megamerge Dissolution Solution proposal showing the hows and whys of U.S.-Mexican megamerge. Once the U.S. gains 760K sq. mi. of new territory and the world doesn't end and the U.S. actually gets stronger, the NAU Scare will be a dead fish, ahaha.

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