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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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Articles like this, by people probably paid to disclaim global warming, do not help us or the planet.  It is a lie that temperatures are not going up.  A good deal of the glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising, as is ocean temperature--in certain areas.  Global warming produces ERRATIC weather, not necessarily a steady increase in hot weather.  For those out there too ignorant or lazy to understand what global warming is, then industry lies and talking points get believed and repeated without challenge.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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For Sharon Jarvis:

"If these writers feel competent to write on the subject they should certainly be aware of the “Global Warming Petition Project” where over 31,000 American scientists including 9,000 PhDs have gone on record as opposing the shoddy science that is the feeble spine of the climate alarmist movement. And if they wanted to authenticate the claims of the politicized science on which they are reporting, they might have spent a few minutes on one of the many non-political websites such as where they would have learned (1) while the IPCC predicts warming between 2.4 and 5.3 degrees Celsius per century, the observed trend over the last 8 years is 1.0 oC per century in the opposite (i.e.,cooling) direction.  And the oceans—where 80 percent of the heat was to end up—have been cooling also based on 5+ years of data since the deployment of 3,300 automated bathythermograph buoys throughout the world’s oceans."



Comment by Found Zero
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Sharon Jarvis;

I've always taken a great interest in the debate since I was told by Native American elders that it was their observations that they were seeing ice melting where at no point in their previously recorded history had this been seen.

However, a great deal of mistrust occurs as the issue becomes politicized. It is simply outright fabrication that there is no credible disputing party or body to the "evidence".

Add to this the fact that the entire issue has been muddied by politicians and corporations who see this as yet another trough of public funds to line their own pockets with. Lawmakers can't be trusted to craft a solution, they can be trusted to reduce our liberties and once again line their own pockets.

With this as a foundation, it's a recipe for stalemate. But that's nothing I'm going to stop. This is not an honest debate.

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