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TALK show host Glenn Beck is being targeted for destruction by fed-up Barack Obama, top political players tell GLOBE in a bombshell Special Repor

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AJ has been accused of being an agent many times. Of more important note is about 1/2 of the movement is now vilifying Glenn Beck and with good reason. This Johny Come Lately to the concepts of true freedom was one of our fiercest attackers during the RP campaign right along with Hannity and O'Reilly. If you truly accept militarist statists in our ranks the moment that mumble the word "Constitution" that's fine, but in the minds of observers with memories longer than the life span of a gnat, these men are simply changing their colors to suit the times. It's the same lizard underneath.

These Fauxnews pundits have spread war, hate, intolerance and fear for years. I say their enemies serve my purposes. Let them sink under the weight of their own words and actions.

Nobody but armchair neocons give them any credence anyways, this is the "old guard" flashing their impotence.

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