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Comment by Anonymous
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Couple things....

Rule 1) for the things you care about.  Know them.  Then records are irrelevant.  Then you know what is needed for the thing you care about and what other people think they can go stuff you know where

Rule 2) Tony Soprano's rule.  Never ever EVER ever never talk to the government or government snitches.  Yes, I know.  Shhhh.. no.  pssst shhhhhh quiet.  I dont want to hear it.  It's simple.  Never never never never ever talk to the government or government snitches.  Never.  They get to know only the least amount of info possible such as.

I dont know. -or- Oh that dog died.  -and- This is my new dog and here are the shots he needs.

Or get someone else to bring the dog to the vet and name the dog something different.  Tell that person what the dog needs and dont let the vet upsell.

Remember cash and pseudonyms.

Yes it is a racket.  No it's not right.  Bitching and letter writing changes nothing.

Now.... rewatch all seasons of the Sopranos.

Comment by Shadow Myth
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This is pretty common actually, even to the degree of cats. Where I lived in the Seattle area, one had to license and get shots for one's cats. Vets also were required to turn you in, just as in your situation. Where I live now, in Colorado Springs, I am not required to license my cats, though rabies shots are required. Technically my cats are not even allowed outside if you can imagine. My cats are on a completely raw meat diet, so their health is excellent, and they have no need for shots. It is redundant we ourselves have to be 'licensed', I sure as hell am not going to do the same to my animals! Just another way to suck us all dry...

Comment by june lembke
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 White Tanks Animal hospital in Surprise AZ, Turns over to a third party (Maricopa County) what I consider personal client information when Rabies shots are given.  What I want to know is it really a law or is it policy of individual vet  clinics.

I ask because PetSmart (Banfield Pet hospital) gave my other dog rabies tag. White Tanks did not. They said it would come with the County license.  As far as I know Banfield does not report client information to County. Do you think the rule can only control AZ pet hospitals and not nationwide corporations.

If the pet hospital has to report to Maricopa County they should have to disclose that before the Rabies Shot.

I believe reporting information to government on rabies shots will keep people from  getting those vacinations for their pet.  No wonder this state has rabies outbreaks!

I will be getting my vacines at banfield!

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