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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Yeah, that's probably because the gun-tooting idiots probably forgot to buy the bullets.

Comment by David McElroy
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 I participated " loud and proud" at the Tea Party/2nd Amendment Task Force/Sons of Liberty protest in Alamogordo Saturday. My 9mm was holstered at my hip in a very friendly social outpouring of anti-Obama sentiment. I carried a big picket sign to "STOP FASCIST OBANATION NOW!"

 I felt the photos published by area media underplayed the event, and featured a poorly spelled picket sign to portray us as ignorant hicks. There was a very large crowd, at least 400, and many very articulate people were there...many sporting pistols, rifles, shotguns, banners and picket signs. Bullhorns and petitions, too.

 The Obama supporters mustered maybe 10 to their counter protest on the opposite street corner.  Of course, media coverage was "fair and balanced".




Comment by Wanda Weatherford
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Wow, Lucky Red......Were you ever taught the Constitution?  Probably not.

Were it not for our gun toting forefathers this country would still be under the control of England.

I believe you need to go back to school and find out what made America great.  Certainly not the likes of you . You're the type of person if threatened, would hide behind that gun toting person. 

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