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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Most Cop`s are Robotic,Brain Dead empty minded people that will do anything they are told to do..Period!!   The weird part is that they go home and lie to their children..the same children they are destroying the future of...Their own Children...just imagine how they feel about your Children..they don`t!!  How,and where do the Police find so many of these nothings?..Is their a "Dummy Mill" like the "Puppy Mills"...Really!! where do these kind of people come from.....Rosswell NM? 

I am starting to see why one never sees a Cop doing anything normal people do,or,go places normal people go.Where do these Nothings they have a club house,an Island...were do they hang out..the Shooting Range?

All of the "Academies" should be investigated...Really!! Where do these bottom feeders come from...I`d love to see one of their Mothers...I think they keep them hidden also in order to maintain their cover...s

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