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Comment by Lola Flores
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 A tax on food?  That is unbelievable.  Next thing ya know, they'll be imposing a tax on the air we breathe

Comment by Ed Price
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Wow! What a truly hard decision to make.

Police most of the time seem to make life easier for us. It's just that lately more of their abusive activity is coming to light.

If police can be abusive when they are regulating themselves, what will happen when they lose their job and formally become common thugs on the street? And then we won't have as many of them to protect us. And the ones left to protect us will want to defend their former brothers in blue.

The alternative is to let the police grow in numbers and put up with their ever widening abusive activity.

Maybe the answer is that more of us need to become private arms and ammo manufactures. We can learn a new trade. We've done it before. It's better than sitting on our hands waiting for Government aid that may never come, and makes us even more like slaves if we accept it.

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