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Comment by Ed Price
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Decades ago I found and read a book in the public library that I think was called "Brown's Alcohol Cookbook." I'm going to guess that "Brown's Alcohol Motor Fuel Cookbook" as found on the Internet is the same one.

In the old version ( if my memory serves me right - I haven't read it for decades), there was information about some kind of microbe or enzyme that could do exactly what is being talked about here. Throw the enzyme into a container of sterile sugar-water or starch-water, keep the water at body temperature, and the alcohol floats to the top.

The interesting thing is that the kind of alcohol is acetyl alcohol. As ethanol is like ethyl gasoline (ethylene), so acetyl alcohol is like acetylene that is used for welding.

Acetyl alcohol is a larger molecule that has only one atom of oxygen, and, therefore, has a lot more latent energy per weight than ethanol. The problem is that acetyl alcohol gels much more easily than ethanol. It would not work well in the gas tank.

Does anybody have more info on this? I'm doing this from memory of the book, and research I did back then.

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