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I agree with Rosenberg as reported by Mr. Lorber as to what Libertarians had become.

I am no longer that libertarian free to do as I please so long as I believe that I do not harm others. Notwithstanding my libertarian belief that I do not harm others for what I am doing when in fact others are injured, my libertarianism in this regard had become just a piece of shit in the eyes of the world.

When wealth or what I earned is taxed, I am no longer that libertarian who believes that societies and governments infringe on individual liberties. I am too ashamed driving on paved roads that society or government built out of a crumb taken from what I have earned. I froze with embarrassment, take a deep breath, and let my libertarian steam out and fade away like a mist.

I refused to be called a libertarian anymore when I follow my dreams MY OWN WAY, and the government or authoritarian power interferes, when in fact my own way prevents others to follow their own dreams their own way too. I am too tired of arguing that my libertarian way is the only way.

The article also mentioned abuse of the use of Internet. "When a group of people with the same opinion remains in a single room, that opinion moves inevitably to the extreme." I wonder if Rosenberg is talking to this website. In this website, we are too "clubish" in attacking non-libertarian opinions that threaten our beliefs, and even using the Internet for our political or personal purposes. We do not own the Internet. The public owns it. I am no longer a libertarian inside that fold that says that I alone own what I do in the Internet. That is liberty without public accountability.

I am no longer a libertarian within the Preamble of the Libertarian Party Platform which declares that "The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own way, without interference from government or authoritarian power."

I am a new libertarian who seeks to build a world through the authoritarian way of the majority in a democracy, for the good of all, not just for my own individual self. Those days of individual self-centeredness, are long gone!

Mr. Lorber, thanks for your extraordinary courage to criticize ourselves, for a second look of what libertarians had become. Although I read your pen like a scalpel that cut through non-libertarian opinions published in this site and thus ostracized or sent to Coventry without mercy, I suspect you are now in your old libertarian menopause entering a new age of libertarianism that compromises with today’s reality or listens to the changing sound of how we should change our way of life in this new millennium.

That’s right. Leave the cave and welcome to this new camp outside, dude. Like me, breathe this fresh air! We need this oxygen to fuel our fire to fight a better battle for liberty, not this old one where the struggle is already a dismal defeat. It is not only you and I who see this disgrace we caused to ourselves, Rosenberg saw this wreck too.

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