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 Psychcological operations have been conducted by the federal government and the military (are they different?  really? ) against the American people beginning somewhere between 1934 and 1940 until today.

That's over 70 years of psyops operations against the nation by its own government.

It's beyond hypnosis of individual or even mass hypnosis attempts.  The entire culture has been "hypnotized".  In other words, the fabric of the culture itself contains mass hypnotic signals and channels such that children get rapidly integrated into the mass hypnotic state and there are failsafes for when people awaken to get them back into the hypnotic state.

It doesn't matter if you are "liberty grassroots" or NWO cabal CEO, old, young, whatever.  There is that 20% that can wake up, the 20% that never does (incl. about 20% of the "liberty movement") and the 60% in between that the Psyops masters are employed to keep working on.

It's not just about politics.  It's about total control even of how people interact and make decisions or see the world, liberty-oriented or not.


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