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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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I believe that is a UN / IMF tax. That is the same exact tax they have in Brazil and I think Argentina

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Gee, I wonder where the authority came for this bill. Was it legislation from all the nations of the world, all requiring the same compliance with the U.S. government's wishes?

Oh. Maybe it was the Manifest Destiny clause that claims jurisdiction over anything the U.S. government wants to control? And that claim is based on what ... other than sheer power lust and disrespect for anyone not part of the U.S. government power structure?

Honestly, I don't think there is any actually legal reason why other nations shouldn't just tell U.S. pols to cram it. The can even point to our own Constitution and say, "Where does this allow you to control how peaceful, honest Americans decide to invest or save their capital?"

No answer to that, of course. 




Comment by J E Andreasen
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See Wegelin & Company's commentary No. 265, entitled "Farewell America" (August 2009) for some early analysis and context.  

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