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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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the seneca is a sovereign nation so what dumb shit did is that he is playing in very dangerous area we indians had done the custers last stand and it could happen again but other races will be with us when we go for many  quo on yah not a threat we are getting sick and tired of your stealing our children and our lives pay back can happen real easy just like when aarons son took a spear and ran the man and his whore dog through thus alevating a crisis that could have happned real soon  

Comment by Found Zero
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This one I'm not even going to read.

Now the top is off the tobacco pouch. Yes, there is a healthy and thriving black market in tobacco going back and forth the Great Lakes (or taxonomy) and YOUR borders.

This is shit. We are sovereign peoples on our reservations and our traditions are ours, not yours. And if we make some money off it, well, so much the greater good of capitalism you scum-suckers.

Let's put one thing in historical perspective: The One Above gave us tobacco and we gave it to you, so much so that you smoke it all the time in Europe, in the Americas, in England, you smoke it all over and now that which was freely given is REGULATED WITH GUNS over that which we can now market?

There is another piece of news I wish you scum-suckers to take note of. Tobacco is part of our sacred heritage. We kinda need the stuff to take our prayers up to the ancestors, to give as offerings to our revered elders and it's also necessary for the making of treaties, like the very same ones we made with you, the very same ones that appear on the Wampums and the very same ones that you carved, along with corn and beans and squash, into the motifs of your nation's capitol building, before you started covering them with up with Grecco-Roman motifs.

When you break the wampums (as you have) you can expect everything that comes with a treaty violation.


Dumb fuckers.

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