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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I posted this at the site you find when you 'read rest of story'..

I am not so sure WC is being facetious. I agree with Pat Robertson.

You can laugh & deride if you want. But Bible prophecy has been fulfilled many times. On the day of Christ’s death He fulfilled many. WC & his one world thing shows the coming of another Bible prediction. Before any one gets on a high horse, read Evidence That Demands A Verdict. by Josh McDowell. He chronicles many Bible predictions that have come to pass. Also read Lee Strobel’s “The Case For…” books: The Case For The Bible: The Case For Christ. Lee set out to disprove his wife’s new faith in Jesus.

This one world thing is NOT a game. It is a real as it gets. Before you get on my ‘case’ :-) I suggest some serious soul searching & research.

The quest for a one world govt started in the heart of the one WC mentioned whose right hand he stands by. The 1st big move in that direction was in the Garden Of Eden. Been downhill ever since. You most likely do not see what I am saying yet, but what we are in the midst of is the age old spiritual war between I AM, the Self Existent One & our worst enemy, satan.

Since WC’s ‘friend’ is not all powerful, all knowing or all present, technology is his tool. Now you know why govts have so many cameras pointing at us, for our protection, dontcha know. Tech is not bad in itself. It’s how it is used that can be problematic.

WC is in some kind of delusional state if he thinks a New World Order will allow the kind of freedom & liberty that was inspired by the US Constitution by “Nature’s God”. As for me & my house, we will serve the I AM of Moses. I stand by the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob. You can make your own decision, but since I AM sent Yeshua/Jesus to be the Savior of all mankind, I have no other place to go. I have been on both sides of the ’street’ so to speak. & when I asked His Christ to come into my heart [inner most being] & forgive my sin, He did. I can’t prove Him to you. But I can verify that He did to me. He will do the same for any one who ‘faithes’ in Him & endures in that faith to the end of their life or His return. .

With all due respect,





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