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Comment by Found Zero
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You know I think they should leave it up there. I'm glad it was at least photographed because what we have here, I think, is "installation art".

I mean, call it "vandalism" if you will but how refried beans are going to damage the edifice is beyond me. It's art. Modern art. And like most modern art, it confuses the shibbit out of me.

A swastika made out of refied beans? If this is political, then what's the message? Is this a message from the Mexican nazis? They were out of sray paint so they used lunch? Is this a statement from white supremacists who were similarly out of spray paint and therefore used lunch (we all eat Mexican food here)? Is this saying Mexicans are Nazis or their white opposition are Nazis? Or is the statement more about refried beans themselves? Like refried beans are inherantly fascist? There's an anti-pinto bean faction out there? The black-bean cartel is making it's move?

No, it makes absolutely no sense to me politically. It has to be art. It's a statement of some sort about our feelings or the existential something or other or it refried beans FEEL about fascism or something. Or maybe cause is to reflect, as we eat our burritos and beans and rice like any other house of any colour in Arizona, "am I a fascist?"

I have to admit, it captures a certain thought I've been having for about a year now. Notice that everybody is somebody's Nazi these days? Everybody is somebody's Nazi these days. I can't think of a better visual description of this than a swastika drawn in refried beans. And I think it's pretty damn funny because it's the kind of thing that just makes us stop and wonder and realize maybe somebody out there is pulling our leg and laughing at us from a remote location and saying "you big dummies".

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