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Comment by stephanie mcnealy
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 The single most important item that prevents the US from addressing the deficit is the ideology of reduced taxation. As long as Americans keep drinking the Kool Aid that all fiscal problems can be solved without increasing government revenues no solution is possible. There is waste in government, particularly in the military and tax favors to corporations, which should be tackled. Reducing Medicare and Social Security benefits is only necessary if the government is unwilling to collect the needed funds. But it is impossible to reduce expenditures by sufficient amounts without a full fledged revolt by voters (see Greece). Politicians in this country are not known for there willingness to confront voters.
Taxes will eventually go up, it is inevitable. The political question is for whom? The GOP has consistently acted to benefit the wealthy and well connected. If the raising of taxes occurs during a Republican administration you can be sure they will design them in such a way that the wealthy will be the least affected.
Stephanie Mcnealy

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