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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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heres the thing there is a blockade to gaza and the Isrealie has the right to search that ship since they ignored the protocol then they got what the deserverd

if they had done the right thing and went and stopped and done what was asked nobody would have got hurt but no they did not do it

so who is in control its they not us rules are rules

when we blockaded a certain country it was a law of the sea not piracy but military law wake up dummy

Comment by Found Zero
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I think the previous poster's argument would be better if they could spell English.

However, I could decipher the intent, so allow me to meet this argument on it's own level:

If you, say you, were to attack me on free land or open water, I would gladly split your skull open. I hope that clarifies my postion to you.

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