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Comment by Found Zero
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A good, comprehensive "list". Like any such list, there's always something to add. A canoe, a hot-air balloon.....

Hey, never underestimate the value of a good dog in such circumstances. For general security purposes, a good dog is a real asset. Fortunately in the disater scenario, there are all kinds of stray dogs to choose from. No need to rush out to Petsmart all the sudden.


What makes a good dog varies greatly from person to person but for a security dog, you want one that's reasonably large and intimidating looking, one with enough aggression and protective instincts to approach a stranger rather than shy away, one that has a good bark to let you and everybody know there's a problem. There are tons of dogs that will do this. But now you want to add dog food to that list. Because dog food is cheap and you don't want a starving dog on your hands. Having food is HOW YOU OBTAIN A DOG WTSHTF. And it's how you keep a dog WTSHTF. And it's how the dog identifies you and yours as it's pack and your place as the home and it's how you unlock all of the wonderful gifts that a good dog has to offer.

Dogs also serve as a nice heat source if it's cold. They are decent baby sitters (certain breeds/temperments excluded), they make for good entertainment, they provide companionship and petting a dog makes most people feel better even on a very bad day.

Man's best friend. Get one.

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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 Yes by all means get a mutt, as they make a fine snack and one good mutt could feed 5 people. Not real tasty but should be plentafull ,easy pickins. A well placed 22 will dispatch most if not all mutts.. I will add to the list Is a good SW radio. Not one that requires bats but one with a crank gernerator. SW will Improve your chances for the news and they also catch AM and FM.. Just my 2 cents worth

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