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Comment by Ross Wolf
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If Bernanke Doubles The Money Supply, senior Citizens, employees on fixed Incomes and those with few assets are Dead.

Americans will get hit with the Stagflation that plagued the Carter Administration in 1979, when uncontrolled Inflation and economic stagnation were occurring at the same time. It would worse now, because under Carter the U.S. Government and Taxpayers were not on the hook to foreign governments for trillions in loans. If the money supply is doubled, subsequently the Obama Government or the next government will have to greatly increase interests to combat inflation, that will kill what is left of the economy and cause government to borrow more money, causing more inflation. The German government in 1932 substantially increased its money supply to pay the costs of government. A loaf of bread jumped 3,000 percent. Workers could not spend their paychecks fast enough before they lost buying power. The German Government collapsed. Historically the U.S. antidote to stabilizing the dollar and economy has been painful long-term unemployment without providing forever, benefits to persons losing jobs. Currently millions of Americans are making more money collecting extended unemployment benefits than they could expect to be paid if they found a job in this Recession. The accumulating effect of so many people collecting taxpayer dollars not to work, could have devastating consequences on the value of the Dollar. Doubling the money supply will steal the buying power of Citizens with savings equal to the percentage of inflation the government causes.

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