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After a bad day on the job as a Border Patrol agent, Eddie DeLaCruz went home and began discussing with his wife how to celebrate her birthday. Then he casually pressed his government-issued handgun under his chin and pulled the trigger.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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These are the people who pull you over.   These are the people who DISARM you.  Crazy people issued guns, a fine hat, a shiny badge, indemnity and the color of authoritay.

Comment by Norman Dong
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For Powell to make a generalized blanket statement such as his comment about the USBP shows his true feelings about law enforcement in general....hope you never need a cop pal!

Comment by Terry Bressi
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I take it you haven't been reading either the Department of Justice's or the Department of Homeland Security's Inspector General Reports on the U.S. Border Patrol over the past half decade Norman Dong. Corruption within the agency has been skyrocketing and veteran agents have been leaving the agency because of it's lax hiring practices.

 Powell hit the nail right on the head which is probably why you're pissed by his comment.

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