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When I first reported on this issue in March of 2009, two million trash bins in England had been installed by '42 local authorities'.

Two Million Households Now Have Spy Devices In Their Bins (United Kingdom)


A search of Freedom’s Phoenix for “RFID bins” shows the next report comes from, of all places, Virginia, in the good ‘ol US of A - on the sixth of May, 2010:


New recycling bins with tracking chips coming to Virginia:


Now it’s August, and the second US state has been outed – and that’s just what has been reported!  Who know how deeply this insidious technology has been entrenched so far in the rapidly-growing FASCIST STATE that was America when I was born (it was the year that man completed the mapping of the Earth – it’s called ‘IGY’ – or the International Geophysical Year – 1958).  That’s quite a leap in one Generation.


I greatly fear the status of my country when my Son is my age, the way things are headed…


 More info on this subject can be found by doing what I did – go to the Freedom’s Phoenix Search Engine:  and put ‘RFID’ into the window, and hit enter.





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