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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Now that they are going to throw the people a bone and prosecute this thug because there is no way around it, what about the person or persons that hired this criminal? Don't they also have some accountability for what these thugs do after they are hired?

Comment by Anonymous
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The thankless job of police officers who could be what we need badly if not for this damned reputation that the radical left had successfully painted of them in public had not already condemned them to hell. [I am not referring to those few bad eggs in the basket -- most of them outnumbered the rotten ones.]

Obviously, this report is rigged against police authorities. Take for example, this line in the report, obviously radically intended to incite a bad feeling against the police: “Dash camera video shows Perez [the police officer] handcuff the woman and slam her into a wall.  Did you see any other statements in the report saying why the police officer “slam her into a wall”? Perez must be insane to slam the 22 year old traffic violator against the wall without any reason at all!

It is not within the bound of reason to assume that Perez was insane just before the traffic accident occurred.


But it is within the bound of reason not just to assume but also to conclude that the erring driver was recalcitrant, abusive and even violent in resisting arrest believing that the accident was not her fault! If by slamming the arrested driver against the wall the force used was commensurate to the need of the moment to stop her violence and possible injury to the arresting officer, there was no criminal offense as ground for the filing of a case against the trooper.


The only issue here is the degree of force used to stop a violator from resisting arrest. I know in my practice of law, that the required legal determination of this issue is quite messy.


But the real, real issue here is lack of legal information on the part of the public of the right of the individual under arrest. While the person is being arrested, the only right that person have is to remain silent. The constitutional right to protest the person’s innocence by resisting arrest, i.e., verbally abusing the arresting police officer, throwing punches at or wrestling with the police officer or even shooting the police if the person being arrested happens to have a gun is a very bad time to do it. In this situation, the right of the police officer is more than just to slam you against the wall – you could unnecessarily lose your life without even knowing it.  Bakadude


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