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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Ed Price
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Nobody wants to get hurt. Nobody wants to get shot. Everybody wants to be safe from harm to himself and his family, and from damage to his property.

Are we safe when we hand over the methods for our protection to others? That is, are we safe when we make an agreement with other people to protect us, give them the authority and power to do so, and then they accept the job? Are we safe if we trust them?

Are there any times when Government acts to protect us in ways that don't protect us, but instead harm us... if not immediately, then in the long run... or our children or grandchildren?

Who determines which methods of protection are best, and why? Regarding 9/11, If Government knew how to protect us then, and was doing its job, there would have never been a 9/11. So, it's obvious that "they" don't know how to protect us... and maybe are out to harm us instead of protecting us.

All this begs the question: "Are the things that Government is doing right now protecting us?" Might it be that Government has no desire to protect us at all? Could it possibly be that all the TSA security methods are simply there so that Americans will be tricked into thinking that they are being protected? Might it even be that Government has introduced security methods to lull an unsuspecting American nation back into pre-9/11 drowsiness so that they can harm us... a thing that they might have been doing all along - consider the useless war-like police actions, screwed up money problems from the FED, forced medical that often does more harm than good, and on and on... to say nothing about all the forms of police brutality.

So, what do you think?

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