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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Morpheus Titania
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who could have done such a dastardly deed?  Muhahaha

Comment by Brock Lorber
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In “'Times' not part of bogus recycling notices” you note that “the [Times] today endorsed the concept of a single trash hauler for Fountain Hills.” But, in your rush to disassociate yourself from the repercussions of political involvement, you ran headlong into a grammatical train wreck.

You state that residents reported receiving bogus orange-colored “notices”. Without a comma between bogus and orange-colored, the modifiers become confusing. Was the orange coloring bogus, or were the “notices”?

Speaking of “notices”, your use of quotation marks in that instance would denote fake, simulated, or somehow not real notices. If fake notices are bogus, does that make them real?

Last, while I would agree that recycling bins are clearly designed to send a political message, I don't believe that you would agree. Yet, due to your confusing sentence structure, that is exactly how the first sentence of that article reads.

For some people, politics and begging permission or favors from political betters is fun. For others, it is sport. For still others, it is silly and immature. Those of us in the last group are not at all surprised that publications, such as the “Times”, become the butt of jokes and political pranks; any surprise would come only if it were otherwise.


Brock Lorber

Comment by Michele Power
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 I disagree with the Times article . . . it IS funny!!!  ha ha ha ha  I'm laughing my head off....hee hee hee

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