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Liberty Cap Press/The Invisible Hand

In this video, author Tracy R. Twyman explores the connection between the US dollar sign, the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and the arms of the Spanish House of Hapsburg.

Reported By Tracy Twyman

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Comment by Anonymous
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 What's the big whoop?  The dollar was a measure of silver at the founding of the nation based on the Spanish "pieces of eight" coins or "bits".  Ever heard the cheer "two bit, four bits, sixs bits, a dollar....."

Or from bugs bunny, "Shave and a haircut.... two bits."

In fact, at the founding of our nation, spanish silver bit coins were in wide circulation.


Comment by Tracy Twyman
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 The big whoop? It's just a history lesson, man. The book is an esoteric history and an alchemical interpretation of the modern economic system. Not everything is a protest. Read the book. You'll like it.

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