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Comment by TL Winslow
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As usual, Lendman is churning out propaganda under the guise of journalism. His tack this time is that Hamas should run the official Palestine govt. not Fatah, because Hamas is a U.S.-Israeli puppet and Fatah speaks for the real Palestinians. Get this conclusion: "A Palestinian future, however, depends on ending Israel's occupation, achieving unity, fulfilling real sovereignty under a government serving them, and an integrated Palestine or one nation serving all its citizens equitably, fairly and democratically." Actually, under the skin Abbas is like all the Palestinians, he wants to exterminate Israel, it's just about waiting the times out until the U.S. weakens and outside allies can be found for the final attack. Abbas is known for saying one thing in English and another in Arabic, see:

There can never be a democratic Muslim anything, because Allah commands Muslims to make the Quran their constitution, and to Allah democracy is for infidels. In a Muslim Palestine the Jews would become 9th class citizens under day by day oppression, and Islam wouldn't be satisfied with that, it has always wanted to absorb the world. The U.S. will never be part of the Muslim world, and it should back Israel in pushing all Muslims out of the region into Arab territories, with or without the help of the Saudis, perhaps with U.S. funding for resettlement to create a wide buffer zone and leave poor outnumbered surrounded Israel in peace, and the rest is Muslim-funded anti-Semitic b.s. Horrible bloody Muslim jihad on Israel can still be prevented with this approach because the U.S. is still strong enough and has enough moral leadership. American leftists who back the Palestinian cause are misguided and need to wake up, as do Euro leftists and even some Israeli leftists. Islam is NOT their friend. Will Lendman be the first, or the last?

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