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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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 We already have a national carry law you dip sticks. It's called the second amendment. What we need is a mechanism to make the feds follow the law.  Perhaps some hangings for treason would get their attention?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Well, that's kinda the trick, isn't it?

For a long time people in Government sat back and did their misdeeds under the table, so to speak. The freedom that we called freedom was really the fear of us that we thought Big gov people had.

Well, Big Gov people aren't so afraid anymore. This means that we will need to re-define our meaning for the word "freedom." No longer can it mean simply that we say a word and Big Gov rolls over and plays dead. It has to mean something like what it meant for George Washington and the gang back in the time of the Revolutionary War.

Big Gov people are making war on the rest of us. And the goofy thing is that most of the rest of us don't even see it. Some of us stand to profit from this war, and they like it the way it is coming.

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