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Comment by TL Winslow
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Instead of wasting your time on this Arab-funded junk that celebrates the systematic surrounding and extermination of Israel as a liberation movement, watch this Glenn Beck vid exposing the utter ignorance of the Obama admin. about the evilness of Islam and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, whose members are itching to be let loose to kill Jews for Allah:

Lendman thinks Americans have the word dumb--s stamped on their foreheads, not realizing that Israel's destruction would solidify Islam and lead to a new caliphate, with the power to restart the jihad against the non-Muslim world, which, combined with nukes, could result in the death of billions. This is this liberation movement that he's hawking for the Muslims and/or international leftists who are their allies as far as anything they do weakens America, the so-called imperialist power that spreads the evil ideology of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson.

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