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Comment by Don Duncan
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Here we go again: "...over the long term, $500(/barrel oil ) is feasible." Ah, no, eventually $1million oil is CERTAIN. That's correct, I said "certain". Because he did not define "over the long term". It could come 100 years from now or 50, or 10, or 1 year and someone would say: "Das was correct." Timing is everything, i.e., being correct, eventually, is useless. We need to know when, within a reasonable time frame, e.g., before we get too old or even die. Otherwise, what good will it do us? Hell, I can predict with absolute certainty that the sun will nova and destroy earth, so what?

Even if oil went to $500 next year it could be a great benefit for the U.S. Domestic drilling would begin and the price would drop. The U.S. could become an oil exporter. We have the largest field in the world in N.D.  It has not been exploited because more profit was being made from foreign oil tied to the Fed's monetary policy. The sad truth is we are all exploited by politics for the benefit of a few short sighted men who hold humanity back. Even worse, they do so with their victim's sanction. Well, most of their victims, not me, I'm a voluntaryist, i.e., I don't surrender my sovereignty without a fight, and I've been struggling against government all my 68 years.



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