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Comment by Dave Not needed
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 Like all efforts to collectivize the cattle, "the Kosher ones" are once again at the forefront.

Harvey Ruvin, David Foreman & Maurice Strong are just three, but we cannot forget the most perfidious of all, George Soros and his upcoming meeting of minds (many of which are being paid by him) for some nefarious reorganization of the economies/banking.

Unfortunately, very few Americans are aware of the fact that this same tribe overthrew Russia in 1917 (Marx, Engels, Trotsky, funded by Jacob Schiff) which ended up killing 30 million, mostly Christian's.

Don't hold your breath waiting for Steven Spielberg to make a movie about that much bigger, unembellished holocaust.

Comment by Andrew Johnson
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Under the heading "Agenda 21 and Private Property"  the word at the end of the quotation should be  *injustice*, not *justice*.

"Private land ownership ... contributes to social injustice."

Thanks Tom Deweese

from Andrew in North Vancouver (BC CANADA). Our district's vision is "to be among the most sustainable communities in the world by 2020"



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