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Comment by TL Winslow
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No, U.S.-Israeli relations aren't rock solid. They're the worst ever, thanks to Pres. Obama, who clings to the fantasies that there are a "Palestinian" people, that Israelis are persecuting them, and that they deserve their own permanent state on Israeli land, which rightly stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan. Why did Obama insist on saying that Israel should be able to defend itself, BY ITSELF? Maybe he's thinking of having the U.S. support the other side?

Instead of his recent lame proposal, Obama should be pushing Jordan, Syria, Egypt et al. to resettle these phony Muslim Arabs far away from Israel and leave it alone. Clearly, his Saudi puppetmasters want to get the U.S. to force Israel into relinquishing its territorial gains won in war in order to win the past three wars for Islam instead without firing a shot, resetting the calendar preparatory to the final attack, probably long after Obama leaves office, in which the outnumbered surrounded abandoned Israelis are exterminated like cockroaches while the Saudi-greased world looks the other way. Not over my dead body.

We should know after all these decades and in the era of Palestinian rockets not to mention Iranian nukes that a secure safe Israel is only possible after its territory is greatly enlarged and cleared of Muslim Arabs, who are all potential enemy combatants. According to Wiki, there are 3.8 million Palestinians, give or take a few non-Muslim ones. Let's say the Saudis pay $10K a head to resettle them. That comes to $38 billion, about the amount they spend on gambling and hos in Monte Carlo and propaganda money for journalists like Lendme Your Ears.

So why why why don't they? Answer: ISLAM, the world's most intolerant and supremacist ideology, whose god Allah declares that the entire world is his mosque, and any land conquered in his name is his forever, while all Muslims are expendable cannon fodder to get it back.

Too bad that Lendman is in Saudi-greased lalaland. You can't believe anything he says, because he won't tell us who pays him to say it.

Yes, to Allah Muslims are nothing but his cannon fodder. Islam is about darkness and elimination of freedom. Christianity is about light and increase of freedom. No matter how bad you think Islam is, believe me, it's far worse. See this lecture by an ex-Muslim who knows both sides intimately:

Scope Israel's history free with the Historyscoper and see why Jews not Arabs have all the historical rights to a state there, and this is regardless of the Jewish holy books and in spite of the Muslim ones:

Fly with the eagles by reading the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog daily:

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