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Comment by Ed Price
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When I was a teen, I loved to read science fiction books. Among my favorites were Andre Norton's "Time Traders" series. They were my favorites in part because they talked of ancient races that had technologies far greater than our own... technologies that could allow us to do multitudes of fantastic and miraculous things, including space and time travel. It was our job to "steal" these marvels from the ancient aliens. I dreamed of having such scientific knowledge for my own.

Scientists of today have found that there are far more technologies locked up in nature than the science fiction authors ever dreamed of. The modern scientist is attempting to crack the secrets of nature and steal the hidden technologies from her. And they are succeeding to some reasonable extent.

The real Jesus was the one Who found the way to do this with His mind/spirit, direct, without all the scientific research that we need to go through to do it. In the success that Jesus had, He has found the answer to eternal life through spiritual means. And He is offering that success to all who want it.

The technology, so to speak, of eternal life is expressed in the Bible. It isn't the physical science of using chemicals and energies to live longer. It is the spiritual method of adapting one's self, spiritually, to the whole "science" of all that exists in this universe, and beyond. And the only place that has the info about how to do it is the Bible. And the only way to grasp this info is through the mind/spirit of the real Jesus, the Guy who did it already, and Who willingly offers it to us. And it only really comes to those who read the Bible or listen to it being read. It is SPIRITUAL.

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