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Comment by David Jackson
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    Super Congress? Hell, the petty, conniving traitors and social misfits of the Congress we already have can't do their jobs. Why does anyone - except the parasites who create it - even pretend to imagine that an over-bearing, wasteful, and self-important gang of incompetent social-engineering mental midgets, who've never had an original thought in their lives, can so anything but repeat the lunacy of their impotent and anti-American past?

    The simple fact that such a "program" has come to fruition is proof-positive that the United States is being "governed" (Sorry, for such a patently inaccurate choice of words!) by a gaggle of psychopaths: Mentally stable folks would be too embarrassed to so openly show how stupid, arrogant, self-involved, perfidious, and incompetent they are. Will this crap ever cease? Not likely...


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